Images courtesy of the artists, Sled Island Arts and Music Festival and Contemporary Calgary.

Cream brings together six artists whose works explore a transition between two forms or ideas, bridging often-divergent conceptual spaces in order to develop a broader understanding of each. Past and present; memory and reality; physical and digital; boundaries found between disciplines, between artist and audience, or between artwork and gallery space. Whether the intention is to develop a deeper understanding of one’s history, surroundings, or society, each artist in Cream demonstrates that these forms are greater than the sum of their parts by employing elements of each to explore themes ranging from gender and identity to materiality, and using diverse mediums including installation, drawing, painting, video, and sculpture.

Ginger Carlson & Nate McLeod

Brittney Bear Hat, Wednesday Lupypciw, MT JR. (Mohammad Rezaei & Joleen Toner), Sarah van Sloten, Heather Kai Smith

June 16 - August 21, 2016

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