Ginger Carlson is a queer disabled art writer, editor, and curator, based in Mohkinstsis (Calgary) Alberta. She is interested in supporting creative practices that foreground inclusive, intersectional feminist thinking, and centre issues of community, access, and social justice. Her artistic methodology is focused on softness and slowness as means to resist cultures of dominance and ableism. Her current research explores the charting of ethical and philosophical approaches towards artistic labour that are crip-knowledge centred.

Carlson has curated and written on femme and queer labour and experience; the complexities of care, intimacy, and vulnerability; and the malleability of conceptual spaces through poetic intervention. Her work has also considered invisibilized histories, conversations of access and disability, and the relational potentials of performance art and ephemera.

Carlson has written about art and artists for BlackFlash Magazine, Canadian Art, Luma Film and Media Art Quarterly, SNAPline, and others. In 2019 she participated in the Banff International Curatorial Institute (BICI) Curatorial Futures “Living Agreement” Symposium and in 2018 she participated in the Critical Art Writing Ensemble III residency at the Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity, led by Andrew Berardini and Filipa Ramos. In 2016, she received the Canadian Art Foundation Writing Prize.

Carlson holds a Masters in Museum Studies from the University of Manchester and a Bachelors of Arts in Honours Art History from the University of Alberta. 
Monday Nov 5 2018